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Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Breaking?

Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Breaking?

As you know, there are many problems faced by a sewing machine during stitching projects. For these reasons, we have encountered another problem a sewing machine faces. We are talking about the frequent Asked question that why my sewing machine needle keeps breaking?

You may get bored from this frequent breaking of needles. Proper guidance about the reasons for repeated breakage of needles will be explained here. And also gives you the remedies to avoid repeated breakage of needles. Read more about Why Would A Sewing Machine Skip Stitches?

Repeated breaking of needles can cause a long delay in your work. It affects your projects badly and will also decrease the amount of your production you want to produce on your fixed time. 

This article will give you the answer to that question.

What is the Cause of Needle Breaking? 

Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Breaking

Lock Position of Bobbin Case

The incorrect position of the Bobbin Case is the usual source of the breaking of needles. If the Bobbin case isn’t sealed properly into its position, it can be damaged by the Needle and will also break the Needle. Read more about What Are The Parts Of A Sewing Machine?


You should always ensure the bobbin case is completely locked in its position.

Thread Stress

The stress in the thread is an essential process in sewing projects. Stitches on fabric will be curved if the bobbin thread is not in a normal position, neither too loose nor too tight. Where one thing is the bobbin stress, the other is upper stress. Needles can break down due to the pressure of your high-bobbin stress. 

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Throat or Needle Plate Section

The throat plate is also known as the needle plate. It is the part where your Needle combines with the thread of the Bobbin. It comprises two things; 

  • The part around the feed dogs.
  • A hole into it to catch a thread to the Thread Bobbin.

Needle breaking will occur if your needle plate or throat plate is damaged and will catch your machine needle.

Position of Presser Foot

If you use the pressure foot for the wrong needle place, the pressure feet are of many kinds. It can harm your needlepoint and will cause a breakage of the Needle.


You have to remember to always click on the right presser foot. And check that your foot is placed in a good space for the needle position.

Incorrect Stitching Needle

Suppose the needle size is incorrect for a piece of fabric; in simple words, the fabric is leather, and you are using a Ballpoint Needle that is inappropriate for leather stuff. So, it will cause the Needle to break. 


To avoid the breakage of the Needle, you must use the appropriate Needle for the fabric you are sewing.

Thread Material is Good or Not

Various types of thread material are used at different levels of stitching. We use different types of threads according to the fabric demand. And if you don’t follow these precautions, you will surely face a needle-breaking problem.


According to the fabric demand, you should change the thread material before starting the sewing process because every thread material has a different type of thickness.

The Stinginess of a Thread

It would help if you were sure that your Thread tension shouldn’t be off during the sewing process. It should be active, but if you feel that a sewing machine is skipping stitches, you can surely say that your thread tension is not active, which is the cause of a broken needle. 

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Tension checking should always be on scrap fabric before stitching. It will decrease the chances of broken needles.

Remedies of Needle Breaks

Size of Needle

The size of the Needle should be according to the fabric material. Every fabric doesn’t rely on a similar size needle.

Bent Needle

Your Needle should be straight, not curved from the tip of the Needle. Bent Needle causes the breakage the Needle rapidly. 

Before Initiate a Project

Changing or replacing your Needle before starting a new project would be best. It can simply help you to avoid needles breaking.

Needle Insertion

The placement of a needle is like a professional worker. And the correct installation of the Needle into the Bobbin case controls the needles from breaking. 

Needle Installation

Just insert a needle over the needle hole in the throat plate. If you do it correctly, the Needle will stop breaking.

Type Of Thread

Thread material should be according to fabric demand.

Tension In The String

The stress in the string should be maintained according to the rules of a sewing machine. The upper tension should be up.

Machine Threading

You have to be sure that your machine is threaded correctly. 

Correct Needle Type

The correct type of Needle should be used for a sewing machine to account for the fabric material you are sewing.

We have explained all the needle breaks while sewing causes and remedies.

Singer Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Breaking

Due to an incorrect position of the Bobbin Case in the Singer Sewing Machine, the Needle keeps breaking because the bobbin case is not sealed correctly into its position.

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Due to many various reasons Sewing Machine Needle Hitting Plate. I have come up with the explanation for these reasons;

  • Bent Needle. 
  • Presser Foot is inappropriate.
  • Improper installation of the needle plate.
  • The Needle keeps away from the presser foot.
  • Stitch width should be 5mm or less.
  • If you use a twin needle, then the twin needle should touch the needle stopper.

Due to many reasons, the Sewing machine needle keeps unthreading. I have put together a guide of reasons.

  • Incorrect threading of upper thread.
  • The thread contains tangles or knots.
  • Upper thread stress is tight.
  • Thread entanglement in Bobbin’s case.
  • Bent Needle
  • Incorrect installation of Needle.
  • The embroidery foot has scratches.
  • Bobbin’s case has scratches.
  • Using of Incorrect Bobbin

The sewing machine needle breaks in reverse; if you take a step to reverse stitch, it will work for 5 stitches, then the needle plate is badly hit by the Needle. And then the result is Needle will break, and your sewing process will stop.

To control this problem, you have to adjust the tension in the string and will perform this action with various kinds of needles.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Stop My Sewing Machine Needle from Breaking?

As I have discussed all the causes of breaking needles and also the remedies to avoid the breaking of needles, you can follow them. If you follow these steps, you can easily stop your sewing machine needle from breaking.

Why Does A Sewing Machine Needle Break?

In most cases, Due to an incorrect bobbin case, a sewing machine needle break. Apart from this, there are more reasons for a sewing machine needle break.

How to Replace a Broken Needle on a Sewing Machine?

For the replacement of a broken needle on a sewing machine, there are the following steps to take;

  1. The first step is to switch off your sewing machine. Best care to you. You will lose the needle clamp screw in a counterclockwise direction.
  2. After that, keep holding to the injection of the Needle from the other hand If the needle disputes.
  3. Now, remove a needle from its angle and keep it in your hand with the thumb and pointer finger.
  4. It’s time to insert a new needle into the needle clamp screw and keep the Needle up in the screw. 
  5. And finally, move the screw clockwise. You need to think that your screw is as tight as you want.

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