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Why Is My Singer Sewing Machine Jamming?

Why Is My Singer Sewing Machine Jamming

No matter if you are at a beginner’s level or any professional level, you have to ensure that your sewing machine should be in the best condition. However, sometimes a sewing machine faces many problems. Jamming is one of these problems faced by a Singer Sewing Machine. 

It is a red signal in your sewing process. It will badly affect your work and production. Suddenly, when your sewing machine doesn’t take action on pressing the pedal from your foot, it frustrates you, and you’ll also get a bad experience. It all happens for many reasons, as I’ll mention below: also; the remedies for these reasons will be discussed here.

Why Is My Singer Sewing Machine Jamming?

There are many reasons for Sewing Machine jamming. I have put together a guideline for the reasons. And the solutions to how to fix a singer sewing machine jamming. Read more about. Why My sewing machine needle keeps breaking?

Sewing Machine Jamming

Low Tension In Upper Thread

Jamming occurs when the amount necessary to pull up the Fabric thread is not enough. One most familiar reasons for Jamming is the decreasing tension in the upper thread of a sewing machine. It answers the question: Why is my Singer heavy-duty sewing machine jamming?

Re-Thread the Needle

You must pull up the presser foot to control this low tension problem. And also need to re-thread the Needle according to the steps told by an instructor. Read more about why would a sewing machine skip stitches?

Locked Machine

You can lock your Machine due to any dust, nap or other waste that is pierced into your Machine. So, it would help if you had enough time to properly clean your Machine during your various sewing projects. 

Un-thread the machine

The simple solution to that problem is first to switch off the machine and un-thread the machine. After this, clean your sewing machine perfectly, particularly its sewing apparatuses. Read more about the the Parts Of A Sewing Machine.

For this purpose, you will use special tools like little brushes to rush out the dust, nap or other waste. The in-depth cleaning of your sewing machine and oiling your Machine every month is an excellent step to escape from a locked machine.

The cleaning of a sewing machine depends upon the use of your Machine. More you use the Machine, the more the cleaning of the Machine. 

Dull or Damaged Needle

The thread works on a fabric with the help of the best quality needle. But if your Needle is dull or damaged, your sewing machine can’t perform any task and will suddenly stop. 

Needle size

If you don’t want any disturbance in your work, you must be sure about what makes your sewing machine demand. If you need to change a needle, you must be careful to choose a kind of Needle that is perfect in size according to the fabric demand.

Thread Quality Is Bad

Wrong quality thread is a worrying problem for your sewing machine. Breaking and knotting the thread slows your sewing process and your sewing machine’s functions. The lousy quality thread is the reason for stocking the fur in nuts and bolts, and the Machine will stop due to this lousy quality thread. 

Use a good quality thread

In this case, you always must use a good quality thread according to the needs of your Fabric. As an instructor mentions the various thread types according to the fabric demand, you should follow his instructions. All the instructions answer the question; Why is my Singer’s simple sewing machine jamming?

Reverse Stuck Of Sewing Machine

You push the reverse lever if you want to sew in a backward direction. Whether reverse sewing is vital in the initial stitching step, you sew backward with the forward stitching just half an inch. It is an ancient method. Every tailor applies this method at the start of stitching. 

I know it’s essential to sew backward, but sometimes more sewing in the backward direction can cause the stuck of a Sewing Machine. This happens due to three issues; Feed Dog Issues, Setting Issues, and Software Related Issues. 

Machine Stocking In High Speed

If you are using your Machine at high speed, needle breakage, motor damage, and foot pedal stuck issues can occur. So, you have to keep in check with these issues. In this way, you can control the mechanism of your sewing machine. 

Machine Stocking In Bobbin Mode

Machine winds your Bobbin by itself, which is not our task. The thread can’t catch the perfect tension if you want to wind your Bobbin by yourself. It is the cause of machine stocking. Due to some reasons, it bothers me when you don’t wind your Bobbin by yourself. The reasons are; Bobbin Software Mechanism and Bobbin Mode Stuck.

Handwheel Stocking

If your Handwheel is not moving freely, then there is something wrong with your Handwheel. Because moving is the excellent property of the Handwheel, and if you want to use your Machine with its hard Handwheel, You will indeed receive a jam in your sewing machine. This is because of some reasons. The reasons are mentioned here; Stuck Needle, Stuck Fabric in the Machine, and Thread in a twisted clutter.

Stuck Needle In The Fabric

If your Needle is stuck in your Fabric, your sewing project will be affected badly. It can ruin your mood and working process. It will cause a jam in your sewing machine. Due to these reasons, your needle sticks into the Fabric; Size of Needle and Thread, Twisted Thread, Bad Quality Thread, Stitch Length, and Broken or Dull Needle.

Presser Foot Stocking

The stacking of a presser foot means your presser foot is not pulled up during your sewing process. And ultimately, it causes a jam in the sewing machine.

Thread Stuck In Bobbin

It will cause damage to the Bobbin case, which results in the sewing machine jamming. And the only remedy to escape from it is to re-thread in your Bobbin.

Repeated Stocking Of Your Fabric In The Machine 

It will cause an extended jam in your sewing machine. From this, your projects will also be late. 

End Solution

Suppose the problems discussed above in the Article are not happening in your Machine. Then you need to change your old one with a new one, or maybe it needs repairing. So, the end solution is that you should change your Machine.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Fix A Sewing Machine That Keeps on Jamming?

I told you above that why is the sewing machine jamming. You can fix all the problems that cause the Jamming of a sewing machine by Following the remedies I discussed in the Article.

Why Does the Singer Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

Several reasons are the cause of Singer’s sewing machine jamming. Just like a twisted thread, the wrong Needle is using the Fabric, or there is a building of dust in the Machine. It can also happen by the striking of the Needle into the Machine. In the end, you care about the Needle of the sewing machine during the sewing process.

Why Does My Thread Keep Jamming in The Bobbin?

The sewing machine always does the winding of the Bobbin in the Bobbin case, and it is the permanent job of the Machine. But If you perform this action yourself, your thread keeps jamming in your Bobbin because it is against the rules of the Sewing Machine.

What Causes the Sewing Machine to Lock Up?

I observed four common reasons in my in-depth review to lock up the sewing machine. The reasons are mentioned below;

  • Imperfect tension in your threads
  • Incorrect Installation of your Bobbin.
  • Seized stitching.
  • Presser’s foot is downward.

These reasons will lock up your sewing machine and stop your mind from working. 

Final words:

I hope my Article will help you escape these problems that cause jams in your sewing machine and you get the answer of this question; Why Is My Singer Sewing Machine Jamming?


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