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9 Types Of Sewing Machines In Garment Industry


Sewing machine is one of the most essential tools in the garment industry. Without them, the sewing work would be unimaginable in garment. Different types of sewing machines are available for different purposes.

Some of the most common types are explained below with garments machinery list. Each sewing machine has its own characteristics. Knowing about the Types Of Sewing Machines In Garment Industry will help you decide that which sewing machine is the best for you. Learn about Is A Computerized Sewing Machine Better.

9 Types Of Sewing Machine In Garment Industry

  1. Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine
  2. Overlock Sewing Machine
  3. Flatlock sewing machine
  4. Button Attaching Machine
  5. Button Hole Machine
  6. Bartack machine
  7. Zigzag sewing machine
  8. Multi-needle chain stitch machine
  9. Double needle lock stitch machine 

Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine

The Single Needle Lock Stitch Machine is a Sewing Machine that uses a single needle to lock the fabric in place. This prevents fabric from shifting and makes it easier to sew precise lines. This machine is perfect for stretch fabrics, like jeans, because it eliminates the need to stretch the fabric before you sew it. Learn about Why Is My Sewing Machine Not Moving The Fabric.

Overlock Sewing Machine

An overlocker is a machine that stitches fabrics together by overlocking the edges of the fabric. This creates a durable seam that is resistant to wear and tear. Overlocking also prevents the fabric from raveling, or curling. It’s a popular technique for making things like jeans, raincoats, and dresses.

Check out the Industrial Sewing Machine For Heavy Fabrics.

An overlocker is a machine that stitches fabrics together by overlocking the edges of the fabric. Overlocking also prevents the fabric from raveling, or curling. It’s a popular technique for making things like jeans, raincoats, and dresses.

Flatlock sewing machine

A flatlock sewing machine is a Jacquard-type sewing machine that uses a metal shuttle to sew fabrics together. It is a more advanced type of sewing machine, which is often used for high-quality garments. It is less likely to jam, and the stitches are more consistent. Learn about Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Breaking.

Button Attaching Machine

Button Attaching Machines are used in the manufacturing and textile industries. They are used to attach buttons and other small pieces of fabric to fabric garments like blouses and skirts. The machines use a series of small gears and screws to attach the buttons and pieces of fabric.

The machines are very accurate and can attach buttons very quickly. They are also very durable, and can handle a lot of pressure. A single person usually operates them, and the machines are often stationary.

Button Hole Machine

Button hole machines are used to make buttonholes in fabric. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes, and can be used with a variety of fabrics. Buttonholes can be made in most fabrics, including cotton, linen, and silk. They are often used in clothing, such as blouses, skirts, and pants. Buttonholes make a finished product look more professional and finished. Read more about the best brands For Sewing Machines.

Bartack machine

Bartack stitching machines are used in clothing industries. They are one of the most popular types of industrial sewing machines. The machine has a vertical head that can stitch in a range of positions. The stitch width, stitch length, and stitch speed can be easily adjusted. The machine also has a built-in computer that controls the stitch length, stitch width, stitch speed, and needle direction.

Zigzag sewing machine

Zigzag sewing machines are a type of sewing machine that uses a zigzag motion to create stitches in a variety of fabrics. The zigzag motion helps prevent the fabric from stretching too much, which can cause puckering or distortion. Zigzag sewing machines are especially good for tight spaces and difficult to reach areas.

Multi-needle chain stitch machine

Multi-needle chain stitch machines are faster and more efficient than traditional hand sewers. They’re also less expensive than traditional machines, and they have a longer life expectancy. They’re easy to use, and they’re perfect for small businesses that need to produce a high volume of garments. These machines are used to stitch multiple items at the same time. They come in a variety of sizes, with different capacities and stitch ranges.

Double needle lock stitch machine 

A double needle lock stitch machine is a powerful industrial sewing machine that uses two needles to create a lock stitch. The stitch is strong and the binding is durable, which is why this machine is used in industrial sewing applications. It’s perfect for applications like denim jeans, athletic clothing, and other types of apparel.

What are the 7 types of sewing machine?

There are several types of sewing machines on the market. Many people mistakenly call them “sew-whats”. This is a simplified version of my most popular guide: 

  1. Home sewing machine–for hobbyists who sew as a hobby 
  2. Industrial sewing machine–for people who want to sew professionally 
  3. Commercial sewing machine–for people who want to sew professionally or who need to sew a large number of garments 
  4. Computerized sewing machine–for people who are serious about sewing 
  5. Standard sewing machine–for people new to sewing or who want to sew clothing that is not heavy-duty 
  6. Industrial sewing machine–for people sewing heavy-duty clothing 
  7. Embroidery sewing machine–for people who want to sew intricate garments that contain a lot of embroidery work.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the 5 types of sewing machine?

The 5 types of sewing machines are 
1. Electronix Sewing Machine
2. Industrial Sewing Machine
3. Overlock Sewing Machine
4. Computerized Sewing Machine
5. Serger Sewing Machine

What are the different brands of sewing machine in garment?

Most sewing machines are Swiss-made, although Singer and Brother are the most popular in the U.S.

Which sewing machine is best for garments?

It depends on what your needs are. I would recommend a zigzag machine for garments in this list, but if you can’t spend more than $800, a zigzag machine is an incredible value. If you really want to sew garments, look for a computerized, or zigzag, machine. They are much of a higher quality and will last much longer than a zigzag machine.

Final Words:

There are many types of sewing machines, and this list should give you a good idea of the types of sewing machine in garment industry that are available. Everyone will have their own thoughts on which type is best for them, so it’s important to do your research. Thank you for reading!


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