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How to Hem Shorts with Sewing Machine?

How to Hem Shorts with Sewing Machine?

Having shorts hemmed at a tailor can be expensive, especially if you do a lot of it. Thankfully, there are a couple of easy ways to hem shorts at home, and in this tutorial, I’ll show you one of them. Let’s get started!

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How to Hem Shorts With Sewing Machine?

Sewing a hem on a pair of jeans is a fairly straightforward process, but there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Jeans have a side seam, which is the line that runs from one back pocket to another. This side seam is what you’ll sew along.
  • The side seam of jeans is usually 5 to 6 inches long. To make sure your hem is even on both sides, measure 6 inches from the bottom of one leg and mark it.
  • Next, measure 6 inches from the bottom of the opposite leg and mark it.
  • Now, measure 6 inches from the bottom of one leg and mark it.
  • Finally, measure 6 inches from the bottom of the opposite leg and mark it.
  • To sew a hem on a pair of jeans, sew 6 inches down one side seam, and then sew another 6 inches down the other side of the seam.
  • Then, fold your jeans in half, and mark your hem.
  • To sew a hem on a pair of jeans, sew 1 inch down.

What is Pant Hem?

Pant hems are the sturdy stitches that run across the bottom of a pair of pant legs. Hems help pants stay up, and they can add style to a pair of pants.

The hem can be both functional and stylish, depending on how it’s made. Hems can be made with a sewing machine, hand, or serger machine. Some styles are more fashionable than others.

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Most pants come with a raw hem, with an unfinished edge. Pants can be hemmed with a sewing machine or by hand, depending on your personal preference.

How to Sew a Hem on a Pair of Shorts?

Pant Hem

Sewing shorts is quick, easy and inexpensive. Here are a few simple instructions to get you started.

Where to Put the Hem on a Pair of Shorts:

The easiest and most effective way to sew a hem on a pair of shorts is to use a sewing machine. A sewing machine can sew a hem much tighter than a hand hem, so it won’t be as noticeable on the right side if it’s pulled too tight on the left side.

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A sewing machine also has built-in stitches designed for sewing a hem, making it much easier to correctly sew in a pair of shorts. They are called even-feed and stretch stitches.

Even-feed stitches are designed for even tension. These stationary stitches are usually found on the front of the machine. Even-feed stitches allow you to sew your hem evenly, so it won’t look uneven on the right side if it’s pulled too tight on the left side.

Stretch stitches are designed for stretching. These stitches are usually found on the back of the machine. Stretch stitches are designed to stretch the fabric as you sew, making it possible to sew a loose hem that won’t look loose on the right side if it’s pulled too tight on the left side.

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How to Hem a Pair of Shorts?

Hem a pair of shorts using a sewing machine.

  1. Start by laying out your shorts on a flat surface, with the right side facing up.
  2. Use a pair of scissors to cut the hems off at the end of the shorts.
  3. Fold up the hems, lining them back up with the cut edge.
  4. Pin the hems in place.
  5. Turn on your sewing machine and set it to the longest stitch setting. Adjust your pressure foot so that the fabric guides on it are slightly raised – this will ensure that the thread comes out smoothly.
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How to Use a Sewing Machine?

Learn how to use a sewing machine with these step-by-step instructions.

  • Gather Your Materials: Before you start sewing, make sure you have everything you need. This includes:
  • A Sewing Machine: Choose a machine that’s the right size for your sewing needs, such as a hand-held or full-size model.
  • Thread: This is usually pre-wound onto spools of thread, although some machines have built-in thread spools.
  • Fabric: Make sure you buy fabric that’s the right weight and is even throughout.
  • Pins: Use pins to keep fabric in place while sewing.
  • Prepare Your Fabric: If your fabric is wrinkled or has a print, iron it flat before you start sewing. If your fabric has loose threads or seams that need to be taken out, use scissors to cut them out.
  • Insert Your Thimble: Use your thimble to keep fabric from finding its way inside your finger while sewing.
  • Choose your Stitch Setting: On most machines, you can choose between straight stitches, zigzag stitches, blanket stitches, and overlock stitches. For straight stitches, choose a longer stitch length (4-6 mm). For zigzag stitches, choose a shorter stitch length (1.5-2 mm).
  • Select your Desired Stitch: Touch the stitch button on your machine to select the stitch you want.
  • Set your Machine: Most machines have an automatic setting that will automatically set the tension, speed, and stitch width. To set the machine to a specific speed, choose a speed and press Start.
  • Sew your Fabric: Make sure your fabric is flat and evenly aligned with the machine’s stitching area. Once the fabric is aligned, place the top of the fabric under the needle. Slowly lower the needle and press the machine’s foot pedal to engage the machine. As you sew, the fabric should stretch over the threading of the needle.

How to Hem Shorts by Hand?

To hem shorts by hand, follow these steps:

  1. Measure: Put on the shorts and fold up the excess fabric to the desired length. Use pins to secure the fold in place.
  2. Mark: Take off the shorts and use a fabric pen or chalk to mark the folded line evenly around both legs. This will serve as your sewing guide.
  3. Thread the needle: Choose a thread color that matches the shorts and thread it through a hand sewing needle. Tie a knot at the end of the thread.
  4. Start sewing: Begin sewing from the inside of one leg, near the side seam. Insert the needle through the folded edge and pull it through, creating a small stitch. Continue sewing along the marked line, using small and even stitches.
  5. Finish the hem: When you reach the starting point, create a secure knot to fasten the thread. Trim any excess thread.
  6. Repeat for the other leg: Repeat the sewing process for the other leg, ensuring both hems are of the same length.
  7. Try on and adjust: Put the shorts back on to check the length. Make any necessary adjustments by removing the original stitches and repeating the hemming process.
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Remember to take your time and sew carefully to achieve a clean and professional-looking hem.

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Hem the Bottom of Shorts?

One easy way to hem pants is by using a machine hemming foot. Place the shorts in the machine and then insert the foot. Select the hem length you need. This foot works like a walking foot, so the fabric is stretched over and around the foot as you sew along the hemline. Make sure that the feed dogs are not set to let them drop the fabric.

How Do You Hem Shorts at Home?

To hem shorts, the first step is to squeeze out the hem allowance of the fabric. Fold the shorts in quarters and mark the hem allowance with chalk. Using a zigzag stitch, sew up the sides, inside and outside of the hem allowance. Next, turn shorts inside out and hem the bottom. Use a zigzag stitch along the bottom edge of the shorts. Fold the hem allowance under twice and sew the shorts. Stitching the entire length of the hem on both sides, you catch the fold of the hem allowance in between the stitches.

How Do You Shorten Shorts That Are Too Long?

There are many simple ways of shortening your shorts. 
One way is to place the shorts on a flat surface and, with scissors, measure the length of the shorts that are closest to you. Cut the shorts at this length. You can also sew them yourself. Using tailor’s chalk or a tailor’s measuring tape, measure your knee and mark the measurements on paper. Draw a line along the paper, then stitch the measurements together. Place the paper under the fabric, cut the shorts where the pattern shows, and make sure the pattern is straight.

What Stitch on a Sewing Machine Do You Use to Hem Pants?

If your pants need hemming, use the double-needle utility stitch. You can also hem pants using the single-needle satin stitch, but it’s much easier to use the double-needle utility stitch.


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