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Difference Between Sewing Machine and Serger

Difference Between Sewing Machine and Serger

Most people think about the usual differences between sergers and sewing machines. Sometimes, people think that sergers and sewing machines are similar in their work. But in reality, there are some differences between sergers and sewing machines.

Although, both sergers and sewing machines go together. But the comparison between sergers and sewing machines also matters; I will explain to you the difference between sewing machine and Serger.

After this, you must think, Can you use a serger as a regular sewing machine? So, you’ll indeed receive an answer to your question by the in-depth explanation of the comparison of sergers and sewing machines.

Difference Between Sewing Machine and Serger


Juki MO-1000 Serger

The other name, called a Serger, is an Overlock Machine. However, a serger is somehow compatible with a sewing machine but not ideal for doing a job of a sewing machine. You can say Sergers are a special kind of sewing machine. It combines the fabric with an Overlock Stitch, which a sewing machine can not do. The three or four thread roots are the origin of this Overlock Stitch, which gives an executive ordered combination for fabric. Learn about why is my sewing machine not moving the fabric?

Sewing Machine

SINGER | 9960 Sewing & Quilting Machine

Sewing Machines are suitable for the basal linear, chain, and twisted stitches. Just like Serger, a sewing machine is somehow compatible with Serger. The latest versions of sewing machines are called Lockstitch Machines. Lockstitch Machines combine an Upper-thread and Lower-thread loop and a lock. The combination will allow a sewing machine to make a chain of safe stitches. Moreover, several sewing machines also have their embroidery or design-selected stitch choices. 

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Main Comparison Between Sewing Machine And Serger

However, these are different machine types. So, many differences are compiled to understand the functions of sergers and sewing machines. However, sergers have more limited functions to perform than sewing machines. Learn about why my sewing machine needle keeps breaking

Comparison Sergers Sewing Machines
At what level, you can use both? You can use sergers at a professional level. Sewing machines can be used at beginners level.
Thread Type Can work with bulky thread only. Can work with standard thread.
Zig-Zag Stitch Sergers can’t do it. Sewing Machines give us zig-zag stitches.
Straight Stitch Sergers can’t do it. Sewing Machines give us straight stitches.
Buttonholes Sergers don’t make buttonholes. Sewing machines make buttonholes.
Pipping Sergers attach the pippings. Sewing machines also can do this.
Fabric connection Sergers gather the fabric. Same case with sewing machines.
Thread Sources One thread source. Three to four thread sources.
Normal Speed (stitches per minute). Normal speed is 1300-1500. Normal speed is 300-800.

Thread Sources

Usually, sewing sergers can perform their task with three or more thread sources, but sewing machines use only one thread source.

Straight Stitch

As you know, a sewing machine sews a linear stitch, but a serger never gives a linear stitch. Linear stitch gives an outline or a line to the fabric according to demand.

Accurate Stitch 

Sergers can’t give accurate stitches as we obtained from a sewing machine. A sewing machine gives us the best result of stitching. The Serger’s heavy presser foot looks at the seam.

Stitching Options 

A Serger only can do Overlock Stitch for the fabric. Still, in the case of a sewing machine, it has many options for stitching the material, just like multiple embroidery designs.

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Cutting Of Fabric 

When sergers start the stitching of fabric, it cuts the material too. On the other hand, sewing machines only stitch the fabric. The cutting feature of a serger allows the fabric to perfect trimming during a sewing process.

Work Speed 

Sergers have a mechanism that works at high speed. But sewing machines operate at a lower rate than sergers. You can say they work with one stitch per minute difference.

Difference Between Sewing Machine Needles and Serger Needles

Difference Between Sewing Machine and Serger

Sergers do their work on the left side of the needle, which means only one side of the hand works with Sergers. With a sewing machine, you can also feel that you can sew your stuff on the right side of the needles. It helps the fabric to rotate in any way. Learn about why would a sewing machine skip stitches?

Neck Difference 

A serger has a minimal neck, and a typical sewing machine has a more significant neck than sergers.

Importance Of A Serger Machine

Sergers have their importance at many levels of stitching of fabric. The question is, where are the sergers important? Then how can I use the sergers?

Due to the high speed of the sergers, you can use these sergers for the stitching of garments and at high-level projects or when you have loads of work. Sergers have different blades that help you cut the fabric automatically.

Importance Of A Sewing Machine 

A sewing machine is a method that is used on garment corners such as necklines and hems. It helps the garment to stay in place and gives a crisp edge. It is a need for most sewing projects. It is the focal thing because all tailors work with sewing machines and sergers.

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The final sentence is that sewing machines and sergers work at their levels.

Which is better: a sewing machine or a serger?

Comparing a sewing machine and a serger, we know that a serger is a typical kind of sewing machine. And sewing machine features are different from a serger. A serger is just an Overlocker, which only performs overlocked stitches. Sergers are perfect at a professional level. While at the beginner’s level, a sewing machine is perfect for any sewing project.

Sergers have many arrangements that are hectic to run,” said Jane Kallinger Of Sewing From Home. 

Sergers are used only for particular sewing types of fabric or stuff. The first thing is that sewing machines and sergers have different behavioral actions. Because their features are not similar, one can’t replace the other in terms of functions. Sergers are the best option to cut your fabric automatically. It will give you neat, fast, and the best seams on the fabric. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can you use a serger as a regular sewing machine?

Although, some sewing machines have the feature of overlock stitching. But it doesn’t look professional as a serger. It has an Overlock feature to cut the fabric from the edges to form a final look. But you can’t use a serger as a regular sewing machine.

Do you really need a serger?

If you need an Overlock Stitch, then you must need a serger because an Overlock Stitch serger is the best option to perform this task. Another top feature is to stitch from 2 to 3 thread sources. A serger is undoubtedly a good sewing machine but is not essential for every project. A serger is used to escape the finished edges of the fabric or stuff. But Serger is not vital like a sewing machine. We can sew more adorable fabrics from a sewing machine.

Do you need both a sewing machine & A serger to sew?

The need for a serger and a sewing machine depends on the fabric’s demand. If your sewing projects are completed from a sewing machine, then there is no need to buy a serger. The same happens with the sergers; if your project completes with a serger, there is no need to buy a sewing machine.

Final Thoughts

What is the result of the comparison? Is a serger the same as a sewing machine? The answer is that a sewing machine is not like a serger, but typically a serger is a kind of sewing machine. Both work at different levels on different levels of speed. Sergers work at high-speed while a sewing machine works at a lower speed.


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