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Brother Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems

Brother Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems

Do you own a brother sewing machine and are having issues with your bobbin? If so, you’re in luck! In this helpful blog post, I’ll explore some of the most common bobbin problems for Brother sewing machine bobbin problems and offer some tips on how to fix them. Stay with me to learn more!

Brother Sewing Machine Bobbin Problems

  • First, if your bobbin is almost full of thread, try re-threading it.
  • Second, check the sides on the machine. Open up the cover and find the bobbin winder.
  • Third, check if the spool holder is assembled correctly. Carefully pull on the spool holder. If it does not move easily, take it off (make sure to unplug it first) and re-assemble it.
  • Fourth, make sure the bobbin winder is aligned correctly with the bobbin. If the bobbin winder is spinning when it’s supposed to stop, then lightly press down on it.

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How to Properly Insert a Bobbin in Brother Sewing Machine?

Today’s sewing machines are computerized, requiring you to load a bobbin into a compartment before you can start sewing. Although they are computerized, they’re typically very easy to use. If you’re having trouble inserting a bobbin into your sewing machine, don’t worry! It’s easy to learn how to insert a bobbin into your machine to Brother sewing machine bobbin problems. Read more about the Use of Buttonhole Foot On Brother Sewing Machine?

The first step in inserting the bobbin is to turn the bobbin holder counterclockwise and remove it. Then, simply slide the bobbin into the compartment. Once you’ve slid the bobbin into the compartment, turn the bobbin holder clockwise until it stops. Finally, put the bobbin holder back in, being careful to align the arrows on the bobbin with the arrows on the compartment. Once your bobbin is correctly positioned, you’re ready to start sewing!

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Secure the Bobbin


Some types of sewing machines use a separate bobbin that is inserted into the machine. This is different from the sewing needle, which is inserted into the machine via the presser foot.

To begin, remove the spool holder from your sewing machine. The spool holder is a rectangular device that snaps into place on top of the machine. You can remove it by pushing down on the blue tab on either side and lifting it away from the machine. Why My Sewing Machine Needle Keeps Breaking?

Once the spool holder is removed, your bobbin should be visible to you. Remove the screws that hold down the bobbin cap to the machine. Once the screws are removed, the bobbin cap should detach from the machine.

Set the bobbin cap aside, and then remove the bobbin from the machine. The bobbin slides out the bottom of the machine. If the bobbin is stuck, gently tap it on the bottom with a wooden or plastic dowel.

Once the bobbin is removed from the machine, flip the threads inside of the bobbin so that they’re facing up. Then, thread your bobbin back onto the machine, putting the threads through the holes in the bobbin.

Once everything is properly threaded, place the bobbin cap on top. Make sure that the holes on the bobbin cap line up with the holes in the machine. Push the bobbin cap down until it snaps into place. Finally, reattach the screws that were holding the bobbin cap down. Read more about What Sewing Machines Have A stitch regulator?

Remove the Bobbi

Reader Question: I have a Brother sewing machine, and the bobbin thread keeps coming off. It hasn’t done it in a while and I can’t remember what I changed to fix it or what to do to fix it now?


  • When tension is low the bobbin thread comes off.
  • If you remember what you did to fix it, try backing off the tension slightly.
  • If you’ve replaced your bobbin, try taking off the tension dial and loosening it.
  • If that doesn’t work, try sewing without the tension dial.
  • You may also want to double check the tension on your top thread.
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Clean the Bobbin

Before starting your sewing project, you need to check if your sewing machine is threaded properly. Before you start sewing, you should check your thread, material, and bobbin a few times. Make sure that you thread your machine properly before you sew. If your thread is tangled, your thread tension may be set incorrectly.

If your thread is tangled, your thread tension may be set incorrectly. You can manually reset your thread tension by turning the tension dial and letting it loose. Or you can adjust your thread tension with the presser foot lever. If your thread is tangled, release the tension on the bobbin by pulling the bobbin thread.

Mr. Pen Bobbins

You should also make sure that your bobbin is properly threaded. The bobbin thread should be threaded through the eye of a needle. Then, thread the bobbin thread through the bobbin case. Turn the bobbin case by hand, making sure that the thread is securely attached. After that, thread your thread through the needle.

How to Fix the Bobbin Problem in Brother Sewing Machine?

If your brother sewing machine has been jamming or stopping and starting while sewing, you may be experiencing the bobbin problem. This can be frustrating, but there’s a relatively simple fix: replace the bobbin.

You’ll first want to shut down your Brother sewing machine to replace a bobbin. Then, remove the bobbin from the bobbin case, just as you would with a regular sewing machine. Flip your Brother sewing machine upside down and gently remove the bobbin from the bobbin case.

Next, you’ll need to thread your Brother sewing machine:

  1. Turn the handle back 1/4 turn, and thread the left needle.
  2. Turn the handle 1/4 turn, and thread the right needle.
  3. Turn the handle 1/4 turn, and thread the bobbin.

Once you’ve threaded everything, it’s time to put your bobbin back into the bobbin case. Place the bobbin into the bobbin case, and thread it through the case’s center hole. Then, turn the bobbin clockwise until it clicks into place.

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Finally, it’s safe to turn your sewing machine back on! If your brother sewing machine is still jamming or stopping and starting, there are a handful of other possible issues that you may need to resolve to get it working again. Other potential reasons for jamming include:

  • The needle may be stuck. This can happen when the needle gets bent, so you should check to see if you’re rolling or pressing it during use.
  • The bobbin cover may be missing or improperly adjusted. Check to see if the bobbin cover is in place and properly aligned.
  • The bobbin may be empty. If your bobbin is empty, make sure you replace it with a new one.
  • The spool tensions may be off. Follow the instructions in your user’s manual to check your spool tensions.
  • The bobbin case may be clogged with thread. If your bobbin case is getting clogged, clean it out with a can of compressed air.

Frequently Asked Questions

Why Does My Brother Sewing Machine Keep Jamming?

It sounds as though your bobbin case(s) may be full. Your brother sewing machine may have a Tournant (a ridge just below the bobbin case) that prevents the bobbin case from slipping inside the machine. If it falls inside the machine, it will continue to jam. Here’s an easy solution: Put a piece of tape over the Tournant. Now, if the bobbin case is full, the tape will keep the bobbin case from slipping. Alternatively, you could use a piece of wire or string. Cut it the length you need, then loop it around the bobbin case and knot one end. Now, when the case falls fully inside the machine, the other end will get caught.

Why Is My Brother Sewing Machine Not Picking Up Bobbin Thread?

Threads that are fine in weight (thickness), length, and stiffness are more difficult to pick up. Clean your bobbin case using rubbing alcohol and lint-free cotton swabs or cotton balls. Check to see if the bobbin is dented. If it is not, replace it.

Why Is My Bottom Bobbin Thread Bunching Up?

A broken thread guide or pulley causes this. The simplest way to fix a broken thread guide is to loosen it and replace with a rebuilt one. Be sure to tighten the tension screw and ensure the bobbin is securely mounted. 

How Do You Adjust the Bobbin Tension on a Brother Sewing Machine?

There are two adjustment screws on the underside of the machine. Find them and adjust the bobbin tension to a straight stitch. Tighten the screws back onto the bobbin case cover when the bobbin tension is adjusted. Reconnect the carriage assembly by turning it clockwise. You can reassemble with screws and carriage assembly.


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