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Best Sewing Machine for Wig Making

Best Sewing Machine for Wig Making

Congratulations on taking the first step towards becoming a successful wig maker! As you embark on this exciting journey, finding the right sewing machine can seem daunting. With so many options available, it can be challenging to determine which machine will meet your specific needs.

However, fear not! With my extensive experience in the wig-making industry, I’ve compiled a list of the Best Sewing Machine for Wig Making. In this blog post, we’ll share our expertise and explain why these machines are the perfect choice for creating high-quality wigs.

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So, whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, I’m to guide you on your path to success. Keep reading to discover the perfect sewing machine for your wig-making needs!

My Amazon Picks on Best Sewing Machines for Wig Making in 2023

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1. New! Janome 3160PG 100th Anniversary Edition

New! Janome 3160PG 100th Anniversary Edition

What We Like
  • Commemorative 100th anniversary edition.
  • Versatile and feature-rich sewing machine.
  • User-friendly interface and easy navigation.
  • Wide range of built-in stitches and decorative options.
What We Don't
  • None

Great news! We’ve found the perfect sewing machine for your wig making needs: the Janome 3160PG 100 Anniversary Edition with Bonus Quilt Kit and Extension Table. With its wide range of features and options, this machine is guaranteed to make your wig making experience easier and more enjoyable.

One of the standout features of this machine is its powerful motor and vast array of stitch patterns. You’ll be able to create intricate designs and patterns for your wigs with ease. Additionally, the machine has an extra-large work area and an extra-long free arm, allowing you to work on larger projects and access difficult-to-reach areas.

But that’s not all. The Janome 3160PG 100 also boasts a unique built-in needle threader, large LCD display, and a built-in puller to ensure your stitches are perfect and even every time. Plus, its cut-off switch and needle plate make removing your work from the machine a breeze.

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The machine also has a built-in bobbin winder, which is a game-changer when it comes to saving time and effort. And let’s not forget about the bonus quilt kit and extension table that come with the machine.

The quilt kit includes a quilt foot, a quilt guide, a quilt needle plate, and a quilt guide plate, allowing you to create beautiful quilted patterns and designs. The extension table provides even more workspace, making this machine even more versatile.

Overall, the Janome 3160PG 100 with Bonus Quilt Kit and Extension Table is the perfect machine for wig making. Its powerful motor, extensive range of features, and extra-large work area make it a top contender. Plus, with the bonus quilt kit and extension table, the possibilities are endless. Make wig making a breeze with this incredible machine.

2. Juki HZL-70HW Sewing Machine

Juki HZL-70HW Sewing Machine

What We Like
  • High-speed sewing capabilities of up to 1,500 stitches per minute.
  • Automatic thread trimming.
  • Automatic thread tension control.
  • Presser foot pressure adjustment.
  • Drop-in bobbin.
  • Built-in needle threader.
  • LED light.
  • Can handle multiple layers of fabric.
  • Wide range of stitch types.
What We Don't
  • Heavyweight.
  • Difficult to thread the needle.
  • No free arm options.


Want to make your own wigs but don’t have access to a high-quality stitching machine? If you’re searching for a sewing machine, look no further than the Juki HZL-70HW. You can make wigs that look like they were made by a pro with the assistance of this incredible machine.

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This machine’s many different stitch options is one of its most notable characteristics. Different styles of wigs can be achieved by using various kinds of stitches, such as straight, zigzag, reverse, decorative, and buttonhole. Your wigs will always look their best thanks to the machine’s movable tension settings, which allow you to change the stitch tension for a wide variety of fabrics and materials.

The Juki HZL-70HW’s presser foot is also adjustable, so it can be fine-tuned for a variety of textiles and materials with the click of a lever. With the integrated thread cutter, you can swiftly and easily trim threads so that you can get back to work on your beautiful wigs.

With the automatic bobbin winding system, you’ll never have to worry about the bobbin thread not being wrapped correctly, which will greatly simplify the wig-making process. Additionally, it has a flexible speed control that allows you to sew at your own rate.

The last revolutionary feature is the removable desk. There’s plenty of room for you to spread out and get to work on those massive tasks, letting you explore your creative potential and make those intricate designs.

The Juki HZL-70HW Sewing Machine has the finest set of features for making wigs, including a detachable work table, a number of tension settings, an adjustable presser foot, an automatic bobbin winding system, and a number of other useful accessories. With the Juki HZL-70HW, crafting wigs will no longer be a chore but rather a pleasurable and stress-free activity.

3. Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

Brother SE600 Sewing and Embroidery Machine

What We Like
  • 80 built-in designs to choose from.
  • 103 built-in stitches.
  • 4″ x 4″ hoop area.
  • 3.2″ LCD touchscreen display.
  • 7 included feet.
  • Computerized for ease of use.
  • Affordable price point.
What We Don't
  • Limited hoop area.
  • Not suitable for large projects.
  • Not suitable for professional use.

Anyone looking for a high-quality sewing and embroidery machine should look no further than the Sibling SE600. The machine’s 80 preprogrammed patterns and 103 standard threads should be sufficient for most wigmaking projects. You can also make intricate embroidery and lace trimming for your wigs in its 4×4 hoop section.

The computerization of the device also facilitates its use and operation. The 3.2-inch LCD touchscreen monitor makes navigating the menus, options, and settings a breeze for users of all skill levels. The machine’s seven included feet make it easy to swap between various stitch patterns and embroidery designs.

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The Brother SE600 is well-suited for use in the wig-making industry for a number of other reasons as well. Depending on the intricacy of the wig, you can change the machine’s sewing speed to suit your needs. There is no need to physically adjust the thread tension because of the built-in automatic system. The machine also comes equipped with a bobbin winder for convenient bobbin winding.

All in all, the Brother SE600 is an excellent choice for wig producers of any experience level. It’s simple enough for newcomers to use, and packed with features advanced wig makers will appreciate.

The seven included feet and variable speed control make it possible to create a wide variety of stitches and embroideries, and the automated thread tension system makes it simple to use. Last but not least, the 4×4 inch hoop size is perfect for doing intricate needlework and lace work on wigs.

4. Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

Brother ST150HDH Sewing Machine

What We Like
  • 50 built-in stitches for custom wig-making
  • LCD display for easy navigation
  • 9 included feet for added convenience
  • Strong and tough construction
  • Automatic needle threader for quick setup
What We Don't
  • May be too powerful for some beginners
  • Not the most portable option

When it comes to creating wigs, the Brother ST150HDH is the best sewing machine you can buy. It’s perfect for any sewing job, no matter how intricate, thanks to its robust engine and 50 built-in stitches. Featuring a clear LCD screen, this machine makes it simple to choose the appropriate stitch for the task at hand, and it also offers useful details such as stitch type and length.

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Automatic thread cutting is provided by the Brother ST150HDH, eliminating the need for human thread cutting. To aid in visibility, an LED light is integrated into the design. You can use the nine included soles for a variety of tasks.

When it comes to creating wigs, the Brother ST150HDH is an excellent option. It’s built to last, so you can use it with any material you like. So you can focus on your job without interruptions, the environment is also very quiet.
The ST150HDH’s user-friendliness is also noteworthy. Choosing the appropriate knot for the task is made simple by its straightforward layout. The bobbin can be inserted from the top, eliminating the need to spin the machine by hand.

If you’re in the market for a Brother wig machine, I highly recommend the ST150HDH. Easy to use thanks to features like an automatic thread cutter and bright LED illumination, its sturdy build can handle even the toughest fabrics with ease. The 50 built-in threads and 9 included feet allow you to tackle a wide range of tasks. Its silent operation and user-friendly design make it ideal for any wig maker.

5. Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine

Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine

What We Like
  • 165 built-in stitches for versatile wig creation.
  • Computerized LCD Display for easy navigation.
  • Wide Table for larger projects.
  • 8 included presser feet for added versatility.
  • Compact size and lightweight design for easy transportation.
What We Don't
  • Not ideal for large-scale projects.

A friend of mine recommended the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Applique Machine, and I couldn’t be happier with my decision to buy it. It’s great for a broad variety of projects thanks to its 165 preprogrammed stitches, LCD screen, and spacious table.

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The ease with which I can switch between various fabrics thanks to the 8 presser feet that come with the machine is what really impressed me.

The Brother XR9550 is an excellent choice for creating wigs. It allows for a variety of stitches, so you can simply make wigs in a variety of styles. The strong engine makes short work of even the thickest hair.

The 8 included presser feet make it simple to transition from working with one fabric to another, or from using one stitch to another. The spacious table also provides plenty of room for you to unfold your wig-making endeavor.

The Brother XR9550 Sewing and Applique Machine is, in general, a fantastic option for those who want to make their own wigs. It can handle thick hair, has a variety of stitches, and is simple to use. Switching between fabrics and stitch styles is a breeze with the eight included presser feet, and the spacious work area is ideal for spreading out your work.

For this reason, the Brother XR9550 Sewing and Quilting Machine is my top pick for the finest sewing machine to use when creating wigs.

6. SINGER | 5560 Computerized Sewing Machine

SINGER | 5560 Computerized Sewing Machine

What We Like
  • Ideal for professional wig making.
  • Includes hardcover and extension table.
  • Computerized with adjustable stitch length and width.
  • High-quality construction and durable materials.
  • Variety of included accessories.
What We Don't
  • May require additional accessories.
  • Not suitable for large-scale wig production.

You can’t go wrong with the SINGER | 5560 Computerized Sewing Machine with Included Accessory Kit, Hard Cover & Extension Table, 203 Stitch Applications – Perfect for Novices if you’re just getting started in the wig manufacturing industry. It’s simple to operate, has various stitch options, and comes with a wealth of extras, making it an ideal machine for a novice.

There are 203 stitch patterns available for the SINGER | 5560, allowing for a wide range of styling options. In addition to the standard dial and buttons for adjusting the machine’s parameters, it also features an LCD screen that displays the selected stitch.

You can alter the wig’s look by adjusting the stitch length and wig width. The automatic thread tension mechanism on this machine makes it simple to achieve the ideal tension for any given fabric.

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The SINGER | 5560 contains an accessory kit that can be used for a wide range of sewing projects. There are a few different feet available, such as one to make buttonholes, one to sew zippers, and one to make blind hems.

You can easily swap between projects thanks to the machine’s many presser feet. When working with bigger pieces of fabric, you can take advantage of the machine’s hard cover and extension table.

If you’re just starting out in the wig-making industry, we highly recommend the SINGER | 5560. It has a wide selection of sewing options, is simple to operate, and includes many useful attachments. Take a look at the Singer line of sewing machines.

The low price and simplicity of this material make it an excellent option for novice wigmakers. This sewing machine is ideal for creating wigs because of its many different stitch options, its tunable tension, and its many included accessories.

How to Choose the Perfect Sewing Machine for Wig Making

If you’re an aspiring wig maker, you’ll need a reliable sewing machine to bring your creations to life. With so many machines on the market, it can be challenging to determine which one is the best for you. Fear not, as we’ve compiled a list of must-have features to look for when selecting the perfect sewing machine for wig construction.

Adjustable Stitch Length and Width Settings

To ensure that your wigs have the perfect fit, look for a sewing machine with adjustable stitch length and width settings. This feature allows for customization, giving you the freedom to experiment with different types of wig constructions.

Zigzag Stitching Capability

Zigzag stitching is an absolute must-have for wig making. This type of stitch helps to prevent unraveling and adds durability to your wigs. Therefore, make sure the machine you choose has this feature.

Reverse Stitch Setting

A reverse stitch setting is essential for wig construction. It secures the ends of the thread, preventing any possibility of unraveling.

Built-in Bobbin Winder

Loading the bobbin can be a tedious and time-consuming task, which is why a machine with a built-in bobbin winder is a fantastic investment. This feature makes the process faster and much more convenient.

Multiple Types of Needles

Different types of wigs require different types of threads, which means you’ll need a machine that can accommodate multiple types of needles. Make sure the machine you choose has this feature.

Built-in Needle Threader

Threading a needle can be a frustrating and time-consuming task, which is why a machine with a built-in needle threader can be a lifesaver. This feature makes threading the needle quick and effortless.

Lightweight and Easy to Move

Wig making requires a lot of space and mobility, which is why it’s essential to look for a lightweight and easy-to-move sewing machine. This feature makes it easy to transport your machine whenever you need to.

Automatic Thread Cutter

An automatic thread cutter is a fantastic feature that can save you time and effort. This feature cuts the thread automatically, making wig making faster and more efficient.

Good Lighting System

Wig making requires precision and attention to detail, which is why a good lighting system is crucial. Look for a machine with a bright light that illuminates your work area, making it easy to see what you’re doing.

Adjustable Presser Foot

The tension of the thread is essential in wig construction, which is why a machine with an adjustable presser foot is a great investment. This feature allows you to adjust the tension for different types of stitching, ensuring your wigs are of the highest quality.


What Do You Need to Make A Wig on a Sewing Machine?

To make a wig on a sewing machine, you will need a sewing machine, wig-making supplies such as fabric, hair, wig clips, thread, and wig caps, and basic sewing tools such as scissors, pins, and a measuring tape.

What Kind of Thread Do You Use to Sew a Wig on a Sewing Machine?

The type of thread used to sew a wig on a sewing machine is typically a strong and durable type of thread such as nylon, polyester, cotton, or Kevlar. It is important to use a strong thread to handle the tension of the wig being sewn on the machine.

What Tools Are Used to Make Wigs?

Wigs are typically made using a combination of tools such as a wig cap, wig stand, wig head, wig combs, wig scissors, and wig glue. Additionally, wig makers may use a wig block, wig styling tools, and wig tape to help shape and secure the wig.

Which Company Tailoring Machine Is Best?

The best tailoring machine company depends on the specific needs of the user. Some popular options include Brother, Janome, Singer, Juki, and Pfaff. All of these companies offer a variety of machines with different features and price points, so it’s important to research each one to determine which is best for the individual.


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