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Best Brands for Sewing Machines

Best Brands for Sewing Machines

Today, many places in the market sell sewing machines. So, choosing the best option for your industrial or home needs is difficult. Here another question is what’s new in the model? What are the best brands for sewing machines? And from these brands, what makes the best option for completing stitching projects? 

However, if you invest money in the product, then you must want to buy the best sewing machine. Then what will be the price of the device? 

Here, I did hard work gathering the data about the most popular brands of sewing machines today. With the help of data, you can easily choose the best sewing machine. It is the central part of your industry.

The top famous sewing machine brands are Juki, Singer, and Brother. Viking, Pfaff, Janome, Bernina, and Husqvarna are other top favorite priceless sewing machine brands. Top Old versions of sewing machine brands are White, Necchi, and Kenmore. Learn more about Difference Between Sewing Machine And Serger.

I hope my article will guide you perfectly about the top famous sewing machine brands today. The cost of these notorious sewing machine brands will be discussed here. And after discussing these favourite sewing machine brands, it will be easy to find a good brand for your industrial projects. And you will find the most famous ancient sewing machine brands on the market today.

A List Of The Best Brands for Sewing Machines Mentioned Here

Throughout the discussion, several top brands for sewing machines have been mentioned. Here is a consolidated list of those renowned brands:


Brother company

In 1908, a man named Kanekichi Yasui in Japan founded the Brother as the Yasui Sewing Machine Company. Then In the 1920s, it got the name Brothers Sewing Machine Company. In the 1950s, it began exporting its sewing machines to the United States, and it went on working hard to export its machines and develop its product for the next two decades. They made the first household digital sewing machine, the “Computer-Sew 1000”, in 1979. They work opposite the headquarters of Nagoya and Japan.

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Sewing Machines Made by Brothers

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Brothers made different kinds of Sewing Machines, cover stitch machines, and sergers. Brothers also produce Embroidery Machines. 

These machines are famous due to their various quality designs, production quality and stability. They made the machines at a lower cost than competitors and presented them to the market. They have suitable options for sewing machines for beginners. Beginners can go with these sewing machines because it is simple to arrange, simple to use, underweight, compact and available at a lower cost. 

In this case, we can take the example of Brother GX37, Brother CS6000l, Brother XR3774, and Brother Innov-is A16. The cost range of these models is $160 – $460, which is reasonable. 

The average cost of models like Brother Innovis NV 1300 are about $1.2k, and these machines are durable, bulky, and full of quality machines. 

The top high-cost machines are the combination of sewing and embroidery. For example, Brother Essence Innovis VM5200 at the cost of $5475. 

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Manufacturing Area of Brother’s Sewing Machines

Brother’s automatic sewing machines are made in China, and the computerized embroidery and sewing combination machines are made in Taiwan. 

Brother: The Best Brand

The best brand for learners and professional sewists is Brother. The vast price range of Brother’s products completes the needs of a sewist. They made mini sewing machines at appropriate rates and mechanical sewing machines containing all the latest qualities. The top famous quality of Brother is to make simple, convenient designs. Check out the Best Brother Sewing Machines | Quality and Convenience.



An affluent and compulsive history is filled already for the Singer sewing machine. In 1850, the person known as Isaac Merritt Singer made the world’s first applied sewing machine. It also started a Singer Company. In 1858, they made the world’s first weightless sewing machine. In 1952, they made the first zig-zag sewing machine. In 1972, they made the first mechanical sewing machine. In 1975, they made the first automatic sewing machine. In 1999, the native firm was acquired by SVP globally. 

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Sewing Machines Made by Singer

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Now, a concrete electronic and automatic sewing machine is made by Singer. And the selective versions of embroidery machines and overlockers are also made by Singer. Singer machines range in rate from $85 to $600, which turns them into a cheap to mid-range market according to the prices. They don’t have the latest machines which also contain modern technologies. 

Manufacturing Area of Singer’s Sewing Machines

SVP globally possesses Singer sewing machines made in Shanghai, China. 

Singer: The Best Brand

The Singer is the best option for learner sewists if you want to buy a first sewing machine because of its simple designs and low prices. It usually comes with a two-year guarantee.


Janome company

In 1921, Yosaku Ose in Japan invented Janome by the name known as Pine Sewing Machine. He invented round bobbins used in sewing machines today, a structure which was a memory of a snake’s eye, or “Janome” for Japanese. In 1935, Janome was famous as a brand due to this bobbin shape of admiration and success. In 1949, they officially became a Janome Sewing Machine Company. The company purchased the American Sewing Machine for publishing in the United States, known as “New Home” (invented in 1860). 

Sewing Machines Made by Janome

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They made a huge formation of overlockers, sewing machines, embroidery machines, and advanced quilting. Basic models of these singer sewing machines just come with some stitches in the $120 range and automatic thread cutters, the latest models of sewing machines with high rate control, stitch locks, and 400 types of stitches come at $8000.

The Janome Sewist 725S, within the price range of $500, is the best option at the beginner’s level. A sewing machine user always wants to buy a machine at a beginner’s level that is simple to arrange, simple to use, well built, and pleasant. They made their heavy-duty model known as Janome HD3000 at $510, which is used for stitching thicker fabrics and numerous layers. 

The top quality at the maximum price range is Continental M7 Professional, which is $8000. It is capable of sewing 1300 stitches per minute and has all the qualities only found in the superior sewing machine.

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Manufacturing Area of Janome’s Sewing Machines

Janome’s Sewing Machines are made in Thailand, Taiwan and Japan. 


Babylock​​​ company Logo

Babylock was invented in 1964 when Japanese garment industry workers felt a space in the market: the need for smaller sergers suitable for a home setting. After three years of completion, they began to sell the first home-use serger machines to United States clients. After this, they made continued progress in the market for Sewing Machines. They invented the first air-Threading technology in 1993.

Sewing Machines Made by Babylock

Babylock made arrangements for embroidery machines, sergers, cover stitch Machines, and sewing machines. Babylock has some basal machines for learners. In most cases, they have high-range sewing machines suitable for medium and High-level tailors. 

Their favourite special products for stitching are cover stitch machines and sergers. They all have air-thread mechanics. 

Other models like Joy, Zeal, and Zest Models are in the price range of $170 to $250. These are usually used at the beginner’s level. These models have all the qualities and stitches which is useful in your initial stages of sewing projects. 

Manufacturing Area of Babylock’s Sewing Machines

Babylock sewing machines are manufactured in Japan. They are also made in Brother’s manufacturing plants, following the features of Babylock Sewing Machines. 

Now, let’s see the best brands for portable sewing machines. 

A perfect match for portable sewing machines is mentioned below;

In my thorough review, the best brand for mini sewing machines are mentioned here;

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best high-end sewing machine?

Brother CS7000X is the best High-end sewing machine. It has all the qualities which are the need for your sewing projects. It is an automatic sewing machine.

How much does a good quality sewing machine cost?

The cost of a good quality sewing machine is within the price range of $150. If you want to buy a more advanced sewing machine, it ranges from $1000 to $5000.

Is the Singer or Brother better?

Singer sewing machines are better options because of their simple features. Brother sewing machines are more technical than Singer.

Is Janome a good sewing machine brand?

Yes, Janome is the best brand for sewing machines. They fulfil the sewing needs of all sewists and will provide a variety of embroidery designs at various budgets.

Final Thoughts 

The concluding sentence is Brother, Janome, Singer, Babylock, and Juki are the top brands for Sewing Machine. I hope my review will help you to choose the best one.


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