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About Us

Who is the Owner of LetMeSewing?

LetMeSewing is a start-up business owned and operated by Jacky Butchers. He has been working as a tailor and seamstress for over ten years, making her an expert in her trade. Jacky Butchers launched LetMeSew so that he could help people in her neighbourhood.

He offers a variety of services, from tailoring to help choosing fabrics, in her bespoke clothes and alterations business. Jacky Butchers strives to deliver the finest customer service possible by providing complimentary consultations and fast turnarounds.

The numerous glowing testimonials he has received attest to her dedication to quality and service. Jacky Butchers has also received media attention on a regional level.

Who is writing for LetMeSewing?

LetMeSewing is a blog written by Jacky Butchers. Hhe is a fashion designer and sewing enthusiast who loves to share her knowledge and experience with others. He has been sewing since he was a child and has been designing clothes for over 10 years.

He has a passion for creating beautiful garments and loves to share her tips and tricks with her readers. Her blog covers topics such as fabric selection, pattern making, sewing techniques, and more. He also shares her personal projects and experiences with her readers.

Jacky Butchers is the writer behind LetMeSewing, and he hopes to inspire others to create researched based reviews and buying guides.

Who is Jacky Butchers?

Jacky Butchers is considered a highly knowledgeable individual when it comes to sewing machines and can be considered an expert in the field. He’s worked in the field for almost a decade, and he holds a degree in Textile Engineering from the University of the Punjab.

He has extensive experience with a wide range of sewing machines, and he is happy to share her skills with those just starting out. Jacky Butchers has a deep interest in teaching others how to operate sewing machines, and he frequently holds seminars and classes to do so.

To help individuals who aren’t able to physically attend her sessions, he also offers instructions online. Jacky Butchers is committed to passing on her knowledge of sewing and is constantly expanding her own skill set in preparation for this mission.

LetMeSewing Vision 

This website covers a wide range of categories, such as “best budget sewing,” so on. It is an honest and great source that helps you purchase without any hassle. And Jacky Butchers wants this blog to be the last destination for my users to find the perfect one that meets their needs.