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6 Exceptional Ideas To Turn Up The Heat When Meeting A Sex Model 

Hooking up with a sex model to fulfill your darkest desires and fantasies? Do you feel lonely and want someone who will accompany you the whole night for exceptional sexual pleasure? Having good sex isn’t just about penetrative sex. Ultimate sexual passion takes more time and finesse that satisfy both parties. Hence, do not overlook the importance of foreplay to turn up the heat. 

Making Sex Even Better – The Perks of Foreplay 

While sex models can bring you the best sexual pleasures ever, they aren’t out-and-out sex workers. So, whether or not it is your first time dating an escort, you should take things slow. Meeting the escort and taking her right away to the bed is so clichéd! Also, this will make her feel uncomfortable about you. Foreplay is a great way to transform your otherwise stale sex life into something steamy and memorable.  

Here are 6 fantastic foreplay ideas that will help build a mind-body connection with the sex model and turn up the heat for an implausible sexual experience. 

Talk Your Heart Out 

Whatever your sexual desires are, you should talk it out with your partner. The thought of sexual communication may intimidate you, especially if this is your first time with an escort. You may start with “It feels so good when someone…,” or perhaps, “I want you to…” A professional sex model can take a cue from your sentence and take the conversation further to make you feel comfortable. 

Discussing your needs and preferences before taking it to bed can help prevent last-minute surprises for both – and the little talks can arouse you both. Suppose, you are looking for sexy role play, such as nurse and doctor, naughty secretary and boss, student and teacher, etc.

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Or perhaps you want to take things to the next level with bondage or other unusual fetishes. Tell her your interests and see if she is comfortable doing it. After all, you do not want her to walk out of the room because she felt disrespected by your attitude towards sex and use of language. 

Ask What Turns Her On 

Being honest and open about each other’s turn-ons can set the perfect erotic ambiance, regardless of what type of sex you plan to have. A simple clitoral touch may turn her on, while you may be aroused merely by seeing her all dressed down. Discussing your turn-ons will also help you know where to get started right away. 

Get Comfortable with Each Other’s Body 

Touching is a great way to set the perfect mood for an exemplary sexual experience. It also helps you get comfortable with each other, especially if this is your first time. Engage in small talk as you run fingers through her hair, caress her face, or gently rub her thighs and arms. Let her touch your body. Trust us; they know where and how to touch to turn you on immediately.  

Slowly take it to the next level – kiss each other, grab her ass, or run your finger through inside her legs. These small touches are enough to get into the mood and get aroused. 

Erotic Massage 

Let her give you an erotic massage, which sex models are often experts in, to heat up things between you. They know how to tickle and massage the erogenous zones to arouse you and give you the ultimate sexual pleasure. It also helps relieve the stress of meeting a sex model for the first time, so your mind and body prepare for an enchanting experience throughout the night. 

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A Surprise Shower 

Many escorts would want to take a shower before getting onto the bed. This is the time for a foreplay game – get flirty and tell her that you will dry her off afterward. When she hops into the shower, follow her after a minute and start washing her. This will be a sweet surprise for both of you and you’ll be begging for it practically after the shower. 


Masturbate Together 

Before you touch each other, you might try to touch yourselves first. Show your partner what feels good or how to touch you. This isn’t just about self-pleasure, you can have an excellent foreplay session too. Seeing your partner masturbating can perk up the erotic element. 

The Bottom line 

Getting on with a foreplay game can be an enticing way to know each other, get comfortable, and move forward. Whatever type of sexual interaction you look forward to, this arousal build-up can give you the perfect orgasm with your sex model.